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Spoken English

Today I don’t find any field which is progressing without English Language. We in India have accepted it as a language of intelligent people. It is an open secret that once you get mystery over this world language, you get ready to become the controller of your own life monetarily.
COSMOS INSTITUTE OF ENGLISH LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE has confirmed its name among the best recruited students in Rajasthan and other neighbouring states.
Fluency, standard vocabulary, correct pronunciation and daily group discussions and drama performance in English are core areas that give you an extra edge in the field of Spoken English in Jaipur.

Dr Mukesh Pareek

Dr Mukesh Kumar Pareek has been a certified faculty of Spoken English from different standard universities and institutions.
Spoken English with technology is our forte. Dr Mukesh Kumar Pareek -the main training faculty of Spoken English has successfully trained thousands of people so far who are appointed at all important fields where Spoken English is the only criterion of selection.
We train students to think in English with our special tools and drills. The study material designed for Spoken English is of International Standard.
We train students for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking for such International Exams as IELTS and TOEFL.
COSMOS has been a hub of standard Spoken English without regional touch in pronunciation.
If you want to boost your confidence today immediately enroll yourself in COSMOS SPOKEN ENGLISH CLASS.